Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roll with the Changes -- NOT a "Theme Thursday" Post, About "Theme Thursday!"


So. The format of Theme Thursday is changing!

In the old days, it was pretty simple. Every Sunday -- or, on rare occasions, Monday -- the Powers-That-Be at "TT" would post the theme for the following Thursday. Bloggers would sign up, and post their theme-related entries on Thursday. Or sometimes Wednesday. Or sometimes Tuesday. Or sometimes, even Friday. Whatever. Then, anybody who wanted to would visit -- and hopefully, comment on -- as many of the participating sites' posts as he or she wished to, on Thursday. Or sometimes Friday. Or sometimes, even Saturday.

But now, that scenario is changing, as explained here.

Henceforth, the theme for the week will be listed on Thursday. Those who wish to play along will have up to a week to write their posts. They can post it that very day. Or on Friday... or on Saturday... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera... up to and including Wednesday. Theoretically, this means that instead of calling in sick to work and spending an entire Thursday reading and commenting on other people's blogs, you'll have a whole week to visit everyone's Theme Thursday entries.

Then, on the following Thursday, a new theme will post.

It could work wonderfully.

On the other hand, it could go something like this:

Thursday: "Okay, the topic is PHLEGM. What the hell am I going to write about phlegm? Let's see, twelve people have already posted! *sigh* I'll go read theirs."

Friday: "Where did I leave off yesterday? Nineteen total as of today... Did I read #11? Name's not familiar. But... #12's is?"

Saturday: "Up to thirty-eight today. Did I read the first twenty already, or just the first nineteen? Maybe I should make a checklist somewhere..."

Sunday: "Finally posted mine! They're only at forty, including mine. That's only two more since yesterday! Where the hell does everybody go on weekends?!?"

Monday: "Thirty-eight?!? How the hell did that happen? And did I read the first thirty-two, or the first thirty-four? Where the hell's my checklist?!?"

Tuesday: "I have to work all day, and then I have a date. To hell with the internet."

Wednesday: "One hundred and forty-seven?!? For cryin' out loud, I have to work tonight!"

Thursday: "New theme, PROCTOLOGY? Oh, great. I'll still be spending the next two or three days catching up on last week's theme entries! Who the hell has time to write one?"

On the other hand, it could go swimmingly...

Seriously, despite my own piddling little reservations about this new format, I wish everyone involved the best of luck. I first encountered a lot of my current Blogger-blogger buddies, male and female, through the odd kinship brought about by Theme Thursday. And if one can be grateful to a blog, rather than the person(s) responsible for it, I truly am.

But enough sappy, sentimental crap. Nobody ever laughs at that.

Thanks for your time.


  1. I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard...

  2. @Megan (or should I say, "Jules?"): I know. And despite my usual smartass Foxyblog musings, I wish y'all luck!

  3. theme thursday was the first meme i ever played...and i met a lot of great blog buddies there...unfortunately a lot of the old crew seems to have moved is rather sad for me...

  4. I'm skeptical...but gonna give it a shot! :)

  5. I'm skeptical, too. Will this result in more comments? Or fewer? I already get so few I often think I'm talking to myself. Ah well...

  6. @AngelMay: That's always been a problem with these multiple-participant sites (not just TT). Ideally, everyone would visit everyone else, and leave a comment for all of 'em. But some people don't -- and it can be rather daunting to see 8,000,000 "players" for one post -- while others only visit people who've visited and commented on theirs first, etc. There are times my only comment on a lot of other people's posts is "Nice post," just to show I was there.

  7. Proctology...

    Now there's a theme where a man can get down and dirty with!

    As for TT, I'm revolting!

  8. @Kris: Revolting? Gee, don't be so hard on yourself. I always thought you were a nice guy. ;-)

  9. Phlegm and Proctology...I bet the TTs would be interesting and short.

  10. @California Girl: Maybe even mine? Nahhhh, I doubt it.


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