Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, "Hermie!"

Happy birthday, Herman Melville! You're lookin' mighty good for a guy who's 191 years old! (Kinda "Silver Fox-y," even, if I do say so myself.)

I've written about "The Divine Mister M" -- Catch that reference, Bette Midler fans? -- thrice before: In my previous post... one of my earliest "Foxyblog" posts (a post which I linked to last time)... and here, describing a story I still plan to write... some-freakin'-day.

Thanks for your time.


  1. FoxyBlog...I love it!
    I may have started something by participating in the reading maraathing (this word was a typo..but I sort of like it) of MOCKINGBIRD! There is something about being in a place and building associated with the book -- maybe the spirit of the writer or the characters-or the thousands of souls who have loved the story--that seemed to commune with my love and adoration of the written word as crafted by a gifted writer. What a euphoric experience it was! Let's see....if Herman's 200th birthday is just nine years away, perhaps I have time to become a scholar of MOBY DICK and join in as a major DICK head!! (see previous post) ROFLMAO!!!

  2. You've really got a thing for this guy, dontcha?

    Since you loved "MB" so much, try reading "Ahab's Wife". It's excellent.

  3. He DOES look Silver Foxyish! Just trim up his beard and hair and he really would look a lot like you, Mr. Lynch. :)

  4. @FireLight: The "Dick-heads" do the marathon every January. If you ever want to make the trek, let me know a few months in advance!

    @Cali Girl: Whenever I do an eBay search under "New Bedford" and "w\haling," I see that novel listed. You're right; I should check it out.

    @Betsy: Yeah, don't you just love that ancient face?

  5. Well, I can't say that I'll read Moby Dick this week, but I will pop in the wonderful 1956 film version in honor of of Mr. Melville! Hey, re FireLight's comment, you should form a Dick Head Society, David. I'll join.


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