Saturday, March 20, 2010


Friendly warning. Today's blog contains a word I generally shy away from, namely, the ever-popular "F" word. I'll be using it in a non-sexual sense, as an admittedly-harsh -- but heartfelt! -- adjective. I really doubt this "warning" is necessary, since we're all adults here... but, in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, "so it goes." Such is the way of the Silver Fox.

This is one of those days where I'm 1) in a rare good mood, and 2) my being in said mood is for no apparent reason.

I've been figuratively busting my butt lately trying to juggle various real-life activities while keeping up with the writing of this blog, my share of the writing and plotting on the Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview blog, my occasional forays into Sepia Saturday and Theme Thursday posts, etc.

Add to all of the above my attempts to keep up with other people's blogs (and comment on same, so they'll know I read and appreciate 'em), and my forays into the sometimes-daunting world of Facebook.

I myself am a self-confessed "comment whore" here on Blogger. In a perfect world -- which I usually define as one in which Yours Truly would make the rules -- everyone who reads every post I put up would not only leave a comment, but would leave a lengthy comment (more like a full-fledged review) in which the commenter not only says that he or she liked or disliked a story or a post, or one of my "rantz"... but why. With details. What touched you, what angered you, what made you laugh, what little pop-culture or literary references you "got," etc.

But that ain't gonna happen, and I grudgingly realize that. Nevertheless, it makes me feel almost guilty when I read someone else's blog and don't leave a comment. Which, unfortunately, doesn't mean I don't read 'em and leave like a (silent) thief in the night anyway, more times than not lately...

But I digress. Of course.

Shortly over twenty-four hours ago -- and I won't bother you with all the dirty details -- I spent several frustrating, maddening hours trying to scan, save, edit, and download some photos of my grandmother onto a draft I was doing for what would have been today's Sepia Saturday post... the one I ended up putting off until (hopefully) next Saturday. It almost derailed my personal plans for the night.

Well, screw that!

I left a place -- a place where I wound up late to begin with -- where I was having a nice, relaxing time, hoping I could get enough sleep to awaken, at least partially refreshed, early enough to piece everything together before I had to get ready to go to my part-time job... and suddenly, I got a mild epiphany, which is why I used that word for the title of today's post:

It's only a fucking blog.

No, really. It's only a fucking blog.

And by "it," I mean all of my blogs, past and present, taken individually. And the blog I share with my writing partner, Skip Simpson. And -- no offense meant, fellow babies -- your blog, too. And the always-well-written blog authored by that guy over there? His blog, too. And that excellent blog written by any of the female bloggers whom I attempt to follow? Yup, that too!

All of the above-mentioned blogs -- mine, yours, and "theirs" -- are honestly what I would term "important" to me, and many of those written by others are occasionally capable of kicking me in the stomach, or touching my heart or mind in a meaningful way... which is why I created my "THRUST HOME" award in the first place.

But, having said all of that... It's only a fucking blog.

During the past week, on this blog alone, I planned to write not one, but two brief tributes to a couple of celebrities whose deaths I learned about, and my Sepia Saturday post about my grandmother, and a shout-out to a new blog I'm following, and I also wanted to give out the THRUST HOME award to two different blog posts...

And I really will do all of the above. Soon. But at my convenience. There's no reason those posts had to have been done the very instant I thought of them.


Because, fellow babies, this isn't the nightly news. It's only a fucking blog.

And frankly, having come to that realization, one which should have been apparent to me long before today for the sake of my already stress-filled life... I'm feeling much better now.

So, in the immortal words of the legendary Shaun Cassidy -- and yeah, there's more than a touch of sarcasm there -- "Well, come on everybody, get down and get with it."

I've made some great friends on Blogger, and I don't use the term "friends" lightly. And I think you friends all know "where I'm coming from," as we used to say in the 1960s and early 1970s. And I'm pretty sure that's the reason why I never get "nagging" comments like, "Hey, Silver! When are you gonna stop 'foxing' around and finish that multi-part "magnum opus" you did three measly chapters of all the way back in freaking October?" So, thanks for that.

And thanks for your time. See you when I see you!


  1. You never comment on my blog.


  2. [Silver Fox hangs his head in shame.] It doesn't mean I never read it. I plead guilty to this accusation and many others. I recently left the first comment I've left on Brian's blog since, like, 1968.

    I still think you're a doll, if that's worth anything...

  3. Hm. On second thought, Megan, I was the very first person to comment on your February 27th post.

  4. I'm not going to leave a comment here today. Okay, so maybe this is a comment of sorts... but it's not really a comment. Well, yeah maybe it is...

  5. amen...

    well it is sunday what did you expect...smiles.

  6. Hey, Silver! When are you gonna stop 'foxing' around and finish that multi-part "magnum opus" you did three measly chapters of all the way back in freaking October?

  7. .... but on a serious note : you raise a lot of issues that many of us seem to be wrestling with at the moment - how to accommodate life, work, blogging and meaningfully interacting with fellow bloggers by "real" comments. I have long felt that there is a need for a summit meeting on "sustainable blogging" where we can explore ideas that would allow us to continue to reap the rich rewards that result from belonging to this most fascinating community whilst avoiding the guilt-driven overload we all sometimes feel.

  8. you are 1000% correct!

    there I left a comment.... tho' I rarely do - too much pressure and who needs that after all ioafb

    and not finishing something started (eg a multi-part magnum opus), well that's cool after all ioafb and not a fucking college class assignment!!

    peace on!

  9. Hey you don't have to do anything you don't want to do! As you say it's only an effing blog. ;)

  10. Glad to see you picked you head up out o' the shame man! Why is it necessary to comment each and every day? I don't mean to be rude, and I certainally am very new at this, but right now I am catching up with years of reading blogs and I am a fast reader.

    Deep breaths always helped (from LaMaze and if I survived child birth a couple of times I can survive learning to blog) and am a strong believer in the chance to think things through.

    For instance: Am I wrong in thinking that the reading o' the blog is a good thing-comment or no? Comments are optional aren't they?

    Written with love and admiration a little chuckle, bringing no harm.

  11. Perhaps you should post more photos and worry less about writing, at least when you don't feel like it.

    I posted lovely Spring photos today on Women of a Certain Age and wrote of my memories of Davy Crockett on Empty Nest Evolution. I felt nostalgic enough to write a brief reminiscence and took joy uploading my husband's beautiful photos of Spring flowers.

    After all, it's only a fucking blog.

  12. You do bring up very good point indeed and I'm glad you've got some perspective here. So true. This why I don't get here as much as I'd like weither...but come the next blog party --I'm all over it! :)

    I have often wondered how on earth you keep up with everything, just in the blog world alone!

  13. Yep, I can relate. There are so many awesome writers with inspiring blogs and photos. My blog roll kept growing and growing and growing. It came to a point where I simply couldn't keep up. I spent every spare moment trying to keep up to date on just READING all the blogs on my Google Reader much less finding time to COMMENT on them much less writing my OWN blog.

    After a while I said to myself, "Self, this is ridiculous." I had to unsubscribe from dozens of funny and insightful blogs that I enjoy reading but I just didn't NEED to read. I limit my subscriptions to those of actual personal friends and a few favorites (like yours), but even at that - I STILL don't seem to find time to read them all AND comment on them AND write my own blog posts AND put away the dishes AND make my son's lunch AND make my coffee AND mow the lawn AND...

    Anyway, don't sweat it David. Write when you have time and you feel you have something to say. Well, you always have something to say, so just write when you have time. :-)

  14. Glad to see you've all been so understanding (although I really expected y'all to be so). It was getting to the point where I not only felt I "had" to put stuff out there, but I'd fooled myself into thinking I was working with some David-set deadline in too many cases. And then there's the misplaced "guilt" thing I mentioned when I don't visit enough of the other blogs.

    I'm also leaving Facebook at the end of the month.

  15. I like the attitude in this. I can relate. No...really, I can. See ya Sunday. And I'll remember the java this time, heh...

  16. David, I think we've all been at this point at some time. Some how we put pressure on ourselves that we have to post regularly and post creatively...and in reality, there are NO rules. It's supposed to be a pleasure...not a pressure. See you when we see you! :)

    I don't get Facebook...and I'm kinda glad. ha.

  17. Oh yeah did this strike a chord. And that's all I have to say!

  18. @Blunoz: Wow, I could've saved even more time if I could've posted your comment instead of writing my own post, especially the "I STILL don't seem to find time to read them all AND comment on them AND write my own blog posts AND put away the dishes AND make my son's lunch AND make my coffee AND mow the lawn AND..." part!

  19. @Megan: YOU knew I was leaving Facebook, so "Aw, shucks," what? Something else?

  20. Its about time for a song and a dance...

  21. Actually, I'm hoping I'll post the Sepia Saturday entry about my grandmother tomorrow.

  22. Woo hoo!! Epiphany indeed! You go, guy!! Oh man, if only we could all have that attitude. Seriously.

    Found you via Shakira, sticking around to read some more. Commenting on an older post because it's the one that caught my attention and begged for a comment!

    I like your no nonsense demeanor - I prefer a "tell it like it is" kind of blogger :)

  23. @Jenn: Thanks for visiting. Sometimes -- okay, often -- there's more than a bit of "nonsense" here, but I'm feeling a lot better since I determined that blogging would come second to the real world. Plus, I dumped my Facebook account!


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