Monday, January 25, 2010

Where Am I?

Those of you who may be missing my oh-so-wonderful creativity need to check out Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview, the blog I share with my writing partner, Skip Simpson. It's the continuing story of two main characters, the "Skipster" and the "Foxster" (loosely based on Skip and myself), and features an ever-growing supporting cast.

And it's some of the most imaginative stuff I've ever done in my life.

Right now, Skip and I are co-ordinating an interactive internet "event" on that blog, the grand opening of Kewl Beanz!, a coffeehouse & restaurant & nightclub. This event will last all day Tuesday, and will not only demand several posts from our joint blog, but also interact with several other wonderful Blogger-bloggers. I'll even be commenting wherever necessary in character as "the Foxster," for one day only!

You're invited to either participate (by signing up via the link below) or to "watch from a distance," as it were.

Thanks for your time. That is all.

Click here for more details, or just go to the


  1. Heh. Square? You, Ronda? Impossible!

    Feel free to check out the status bar on SnL for today's event!

    (I'm commenting as "The Foxster" for today only, by the way.)

  2. And I'm commenting as "The Skipster." Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make some sandwiches with Nissen Bread. I like white, and the Foxster likes wheat.

  3. Sorry I had every intention of making a sequined splash but life got in the way. I'm square, wasn't there . . next time perhaps. In the interim, I'll lurk and catch up on the shenanigins of others.

  4. @Baino: The real world can often "intrude." Skip and I missed you, true...

    Anyway, hope you read the chapters in order... ;-) And the comments sections have to be seen to be believed, as you can well imagine. Take care.

  5. Foxster, just wanted to say on your comment to Betsy that she is so right, we are only getting to 'know' Tara now as opposed to G who was such a hit at the xmas tea, but, may I say? she really is gorgeous. Sort of reminds me of one of the Corrs. It was a pleasure to meet her and i hope in the next blog event you bring her along! :)

    BTW, most importantly: How is Kewl Beans after that smashing opening and now everyone is recovered? Have the locals got the buzz and such?

  6. @Mmm: The locals seem to like the place well enough, although I haven't read the local paper, "The Pleasantview Poop Sheet" yet. I'm sure it'll be reviewed there.

    By the way, thank you SO much for relating your long-awaited actual meeting with Tara on your own blog! We were so tied up with all the goings-on, it never made it to our own blog! (Plus, I wasn't with her at the time.) And I'm glad Tara and I both got to meet your fabulous date. I've long been a fan.

  7. Hi. Are you still in post-party recovery mode? :) I'll go check out the new SnL post....


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