Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Year, Shot to Hell... But Not for Me!

For several various reasons which I won't bore you with now -- which is not to say I won't bore you with 'em later -- there are times when I feel as though I'm the oldest person on the planet.

Happily, however, such is not the case. There's at least one other, and January 30th is his birthday.

My writing partner, Skip Simpson, turns... well, let's just say, "one year older"... today.

And that's the real Skip Simpson I'm talking about, by the way, not "the Skipster," Skip's doppelgänger on our joint Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview blog. (Actually, the "Skipster's" birthday is also January 30th, but he's about 20 years younger than the real Skip. I know, I know, it gets complicated... and confusing. Especially for us.)

Aside from the official cry of "Happy Birthday, old chum!" -- "chum" being a phrase you rarely encounter outside of comic books, meaning either "close companion" or "fish scraps," and in this case you can take your pick, I suppose -- I should add that this is where I'd ordinarily go on and on and on about what a great friend and great writing partner he is and has been for nearly thirty years... but he's a tad behind with my payoff checks, so I won't.

Seriously: Let's all wish Skip a happy birthday, and many more... at least until he and I decide to cancel the Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview blog. Lord knows, I'd hate to have to go it alone!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Awww! A party? For ME??? You SHOULDN'T have!!! (Where are the dancing girls?) Thank you, my good friend! I appreciate it very much!

  2. Did someone mention dancing girls? I'm here! Do you know the Frug and the Mashed Potatoes?

    The Skipster is 20 years younger than Skip? Oh, it does get complicated! So, when is David's birthday?

    Mine is Monday, 2/1. I'm so happy my mother jetissoned me before 2/2.

  3. Both David M. "The Silver Fox" Lynch and David M. "The Foxster" Lynch were born on November 16th, but the Foxster is about 20 years younger than The Silver Fox.

  4. Okay, okay, now I got it! So happy birthday to the real Skip Simpson!

    @Ronda~ I tried that once and pulled my back...!

    @David~ see ya early on the morrow. I'm packing up shop!

  5. Awww...what a good friend you are...ok...going over to Skips with good wishes...

  6. I wished him a happy birthday. I hate birthdays. They suck. My own, that is. I acknowledge them and move on.

  7. @California Girl: For lack of a better place to put this info... I have an interesting prop from the movie "The Natural." In the film, they show an uncut sheet of Roy Hobbs baseball cards. The prop sheet was blank on the back, unlike real cards, which have the player's stats. Someone got ahold of the uncut sheet, cut 'em up, and sold them one by one... so I have a Roy Hobbs card in my collection of oddities!


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