Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Present from Blogger

I worked for hours drafting a Christmas post, filled with YouTube videos.

I posted it, and noticed that thanks to the erratic editing glitches I've encountered on Blogger lately, there were huge white spaces instead of a video wherever the videos had been inserted.

And I don't have time to fix it now, so I deleted it. Maybe I'll post it late tonight, maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just say the hell with it for another twelve months!

So much for a timely Christmas post.

Thanks for nothing, Google team!

Thanks for your time.


  1. I still love you, Fox. You need a hug. (((((((((Foxster))))))))))

  2. Hi! Silver Fox,
    You're in my thoughs and prayers...and I just wanted to stop by and hope that you have a very pleasant, warm, holidays season as you look forward to the future and backwards and reflect.
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  3. Sorry about your post,David. This has been a rotten closing of the year for you...I hope 2010 brings with it some happiness.

  4. Oh dear.

    Some days are just like that.

    Tomorrow will be better.

  5. @AngelMay: At this point, hon, I need a bit more than a hug... But this is a "family" blog, so...

    @DeeDee: Thanks.

    @e: I've been hoping the "new year" will be better since... oh, I dunno... 1982? This holiday season certainly sucked, but I don't want to take it out on all of you, who've been so supportive.

    @Ishat: It had better be...!

    HEY, ALL! I got that darned Christmas post up and running, finally!

  6. been think of you this season fox...hope some smiles found their way to your stocking...


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