Tuesday, December 15, 2009

David'Z RantZ: A Bird in the Hand is Worth U2 in the Bush... Or Something...

(This is only a "David'Z RantZ" post by default, since my proper "Silver Fox" entries are primarily my own writings. But this was too good not to share, fellow babies!)

I don't really care what your politics are, nor how you feel about the USA's former president, George W. Bush. Whether you love him, or hate him, or somewhere in between, you still ought to get a kick out of the following video, which has him "performing" one of the best songs by U2 (IMHO, anyway!)

Thanks for your time.


  1. As much as I abhor this man( GWB, that is ), kudos to the person(s) that put this to-gether. And I'm having a Max Headroom moment, for some reason. And didn't Bob Crane start all this waaaay back in the late '40's? Followed by Goodman&Buchanan and later, Weird Al?

  2. wow. that must have taken quite a bit of time to put together...very cool. ha. subs is right, rather headroom...

  3. Not sure which was/is more scary - the real GWB or the singing manifestation.

  4. Thanks for posting this, SF! Hilarious. (Also, it made me want to go listen to the original song--so that's an extra bonus.)

    Very Max Headroomy.

  5. @Subby: Then there was the young Johnny Carson, on radio, reading comical "questions" to celebrities' pre-taped "interviews." All fore-runners to this piece, I suppose.

    Nice to see so many of you recall Max Headroom.

  6. You know, even sliced up and mixed to a hip song, the Chimp in Chief still comes across as a total doofus! the old saying is right - you just can't cure stupid.

    And if I was Bono I'd be appalled at the use my song was put to. Well, okay, maybe moderately appalled; the song makes Dubya look goofier than ever, and there's some merit in that.

  7. S.F., I think that's where Weird Al got his influence( did a hysterical "pieced" interview with Celine D. )HA!( goes to find a youtube link... )

  8. This was great! I was having a crappy shopping day (5 stores, no presents) and just loved this! Thanks for sharing and making my day! Let's roll.

  9. Very Max Headroom, since Subs mentioned it. Haven't thought about him for quite some time.

  10. Bloody brilliant!

    Hey hoe are you doing? Haven't seen you around.

    You must be busy Christmas shopping and parties and good cheer and all that.

  11. I haven't had a Max Headroom moment since the eighties...GWB singing is a scary thought.

  12. @Ishat: Busy? Hell, yes. With Christmas stuff? No. Mostly with my mom's issues, and the Simpson/Lynch Studios blog on lighter days.

  13. And speaking of Moms; sorry I missed ya Sunday. It was a pretty rough week...

  14. Questions:
    1) What is Kewl Beanz?
    2) Is it true that Kewl Beanz is The Only REAL Internet Café?
    3) Is it, in fact, the case that Kewl Beanz is COMING SOON?
    4) What should I have for lunch?

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance,

  15. Haha, pretty clever. Shit president but so much fun to parody! I miss his faux pas. Who could forget Max Headroom?

  16. @Sparkle:

    1. The upcoming coffee shop operated by the Simpson/Lynch Studios staff.

    2. Yup.

    3. Yup. Probably in a month or so.

    4. Feel free to choose from the items on our extensive menu. Buffalo Chicken Omelettes are a specialty, as per the Foxster's suggestion.

  17. ingenius! My, there are many Bush haters in the crowd... not a big fan myself, but he did reign during some difficult years; not sure we can blame the whole miserable state of affairs soley on GW...


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