Friday, October 13, 2017

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Hey, wait a minute. I didn't take a vacation!

But you did.

Well, a lot of you did, anyway. (And this past summer, it seems that a lot of the bloggers whom I follow took vacations, or were otherwise really, really busy with other concerns -- like writing novels and/or short stories, or spending time with spouses and/or kids, etc. -- that were naturally more important to them than blogging. Some of them were/are dealing with serious issues or illnesses befalling friends and/or family members. And when faced with things like that, who has time for blogging?)

But I've been here, plugging away. And for The Silver Fox, well-known for going for weeks or even months at a time without a post, I've been pretty regular.

(No, not that kind of regular!)

So maybe today's post should be called "What YOU Did on My Summer Vacation."

So, what have I been writing about? (Obviously, this is directed at those who haven't been stopping by here very often.) A lot of tributes to deceased celebrities, as always, but here's a general rundown, from just before summer began, until just after:

May 17: "Idol Eyes," a rather strange poem which only makes sense when you read it, and not when you hear it!

May 22: My tribute to the late actor Powers Boothe.

May 24: My tribute to actor Roger Moore.

May 30: Gregg Allman tribute.

June 5: "Kind of a Hang-Up," an article about how telemarketers and debt collectors are "making" us listen to their messages.

June 7: A very brief post about the phrase "It's all good."

June 8: "Three New Tributes" to Roger Smith, Elena Verdugo, and Peter Sallis.

June 12: Adam West tribute.

June 19: Tribute to Stephen Furst.

June 21: Bill Dana tribute.

June 26: A rare political post about the USA's healthcare situation.

June 28: "A Fluff Piece" about cute widdle kitties. Heh.

June 30: Another celebrity death, this time Michael Parks.

July 12: A reprinted post about the prediction that someday cash will be a thing of the past.

July 17: When Martin Landau passed away.

July 19: A post about Martin Landau's brief career as a comic strip artist.

July 22: Happy Birthday to Albert Brooks.

July 24: John Heard tribute.

July 27: "Short Shorts" about John Heard, Barbara Sinatra's death, and a movie I'm looking for...

July 28: The unfortunate death of voice-over artist June Foray.

August 1: An anecdote about my misadventures with the word "Ms."

August 9: My reminiscences about the late Glen Campbell.

August 14: Another "Short Shorts" entry about Joe Bologna's death, and some YouTube videos featuring Glen Campbell.

August 16: The fortieth anniversary of the death of You-Know-Who.

August 18: This one's about whether or not Maid Marian ever cheated on Robin Hood. (Well, in a way, it is...)

August 21: A dual tribute to comedians Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory.

August 23: A "Comical Wednesday" post celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of legendary comic artist Jack Kirby (whose birth date is actually August 28th).

August 26: Yet another "Short Shorts" entry about Jay Thomas (R.I.P.), Clayton "Lone Ranger" Moore, Larry Storch, Pat Hatt's post about me, grammar goofs, a Jerry Lewis impression, "smoking a doob," Twitter, and finally, signing your pet's name to greeting cards!

August 30: Part One of a lonnng "Comical Wednesday" post about TerrifiCon 2017, held in Uncasville, Connecticut.

September 2: My revival of "The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award! -- Given to the Author of a Single Outstanding Blog Post," won by Bish Denham for a post entitled "The Real America."

September 6: Part Two of my post about TerrifiCon 2017.

September 8: More Short Shorts! This time subjects include Mel Gibson, Twitter, Donald Trump, Confederate flags and shirts, and the misuse of the word "intact."

September 13: A tribute to the late Len Wein, prolific comic writer and editor, co-creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine!

September 16: "Spread Your Wings," a story about a young man's conversation with an angel and a devil.

September 20: What happened when Superboy met Bonnie & Clyde?

September 23: Actors Herbie Faye and Ned Glass, separated at birth?

September 26: My advice on how to write realistic-sounding dialog!

September 30: The death of Hugh Hefner.

October 3: Twinkle, a character from my childhood.

October 7: My tribute to Tom Petty.

October 11: A very brief "Comical Wednesday" post!

Whew! How's that? Not bad for a guy who used to go for months at a time without posting at all, huh?

Thanks for your time.


  1. Oh! Did you start blogging again? I hadn't noticed.


    1. So says one of the few people who has been able to read regularly. Heh.

  2. Oh what a hot librarian can do, huh? Have to be productive while you stare lol staying regular is good in many ways.

    1. Haha now, that made me lol..a little incentive goes a long way...

    2. I literally laughed out lo0ud at that one, too! Too bad the librarian in question is so much younger than I...

  3. I think I have read many of your posts. It appears you have been very busy. I always say I will take a break and yet I am still blogging. I guess my muse still has a voice and so does yours. Let’s hope the reaper stays away for a while.

    Have a fun weekend!

    1. I seem to have lost my muse for a long time, but it (she?) seems to have returned.

  4. I know you never take vacations ....usually

  5. What used to be the "I'll see you when I see you" blog is now the "I'm regular" blog. And now I'm laughing much too hard at that.

    1. Maybe you are, but don't be expecting me to change my header anytime soon.

  6. You wrote many posts and tributes which were so well written with warmth and sincerity. I love the humour as well and hope you keep it up:)

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Birgit. You're one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote about people dealing with much more important issues than keeping up with everybody else's blog. I wish you the best with all you've had to handle.

  7. Impressively regular! :) and I've read some of those posts, idol eyes was a particularly relished one.

    I didn't take a blog break technically, but my posts were all scheduled. I always spend the summer on home leave but this year is the first time I scheduled as I wasn't sure I could keep up with the blog...too much going on offline, most of it quite rubbish, glad the year is winding down, can't wait to see the back of it.

    All the best for a productive autumn!

    1. I know a lot of people had more important things to do this summer, so I figured I'd just provide a list of posts for some of my readers to choose from if they so desired. I just hope nobody interprets this post as being a nagging "Where the hell were you when I was writing my brains out?" kinda thing! Ha.

  8. What a wonderful idea, listing all of your post for readers to choose from. I immediately spotted a couple of titles I had read that definitely interest me. So I'll be reading them throughout the next couple of days. :-) Thanks for the breakdown. :-)


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