Friday, July 5, 2013

David'Z RantZ ~~ The Name Game

I was at a friend's home recently, watching previews of upcoming sitcoms and dramatic TV series.

Michael J. Fox has a new show called The Michael J. Fox Show. Michael plays a guy named... Michael. Right before TMJFS on NBC's schedule is a comedy starring Sean Hayes, called Sean Saves the World. Predictably, Sean plays a character named... Sean.

I began a short verbal tirade against the practice, then realized that it would make a great post in the David'Z RantZ category on my blog.

Then I thought a little more. Didn't I already do that, on my old, retired David'Z RantZ blog? Yep. Almost five years ago! And here it is:

I'm sick of actors and actresses -- and don't correct me, I hate it when people refer to an actress as an actor -- who complain that the viewing public can't tell the actor/actress from the character he/she portrays. If they were really that concerned, maybe they'd stop using their real first names as the first names of their characters (usually in sitcoms)?

Lucille Ball was "Lucy" in every damned sitcom she did.

After being "Rob" and "Laura" on The Dick Van Dyke Show, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore usually played characters named "Dick" and "Mary" respectively.

Sometimes the actors shared their entire name with their character, a device which worked best when the sitcoms delivered a Bizarro version of the actor's real life [The Jack Benny Show, Seinfeld, not so much The Jeff Foxworthy Show... ].

Sometimes I suppose it gave a sense of solidarity between the new show and the comedian's stand-up routine [Roseanne's "Roseanne Conner," as mentioned above, Ray Romano's "Ray Barone," Tim Allen's "Tim Taylor," and... Oh, hell, you come up with some!]

And didja know that Sally was one of the working titles for a sitcom that became Reba... once Reba McEntire was hired for the starring role?)

No big wrap-up there, fellow babies, as it was just an aside in a larger-- okay, longer -- post.

Thanks for your time.


  1. i guess it makes it easier for the actor (or actress...dont want to get on your bad side) to remember their name...they dont have to answer to billy if their name is Dorcas....though i cant imagine an actor not changing their name if it was dorcas....i know a dorcan, actually...beside the point...maybe too it is ego driven, who knows...any artist that lets it go to their heads...hey this is a DavidZ RantZ and your name is David right...hmmm....smiles...ha...happy friday man...

  2. Yeah thy should suck it up. They want to be someone else, use another name. Again it is ego, they are all egotistical. And isn't it Rosanne Barr now? Much changes in 5 years lol

  3. Hey, at least it makes staying in character easier.

  4. Your blog just wouldn't seem the same if you called it The Lair of the Red Fox. ha.

  5. I remember Roseanne and......what is she really name ?? LOL

  6. Dear Mr Fox. Are you related to Twentieth Century Fox? I think we should be told.

    1. No, but I used to sing "Twentieth Century Fox" in one of my bands!

  7. Batman used his real name in his show as well. C'mon, everybody knows he exists, he's too cool not to.

  8. Sshhh. He doesn't want anyone to know he's real.

    And speaking of famous people's names, I seem to have heard the name Van Helsing somewhere before... Hmm... It'll come to me...

  9. Anyone that works with fame as a by product should know what they are getting into before they get into it.


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