Monday, September 12, 2011

A Lone Vegetable, Crying in the Wilderness! -- A "Comical Wednesday" Post

In previous Comical Wednesday posts, I promised to talk about one of the best superheroes of all, the incredibly demented Flaming Carrot!

First, I showed him sharing a drink with Marvel's Forbush-Man.

Then, I showed him co-starring with ACG's Herbie Popnecker!

Well, in today's Comical Wednesday post, I finally make good on my veiled promises. And I have good news for you: This will be a post made up primarily of images, rather than my own personalized ramblings. (I know, I know, I've said that before, but...)

And now, fellow babies...

The Flaming Carrot

"Having read 5,000 comics in a single sitting to win a bet, this poor man suffered brain damage and appeared directly thereafter as — the Flaming Carrot!" That's the only official origin that the Flaming Carrot -- who never appears without his mask -- has ever gotten!

The Flaming Carrot, a superhero whose modus operandi consists of something labelled "Zen Stupidity," first appeared in 1979 in the pages of Visions, a yearly magazine put out by the Atlanta Fantasy Fair.

The Flaming Carrot was created by Bob Burden, who self-published a magazine-sized one-shot in 1981. 

This book's worth about $70... and I have one!

"How can we explain Flaming Carrot - you have to see him in action to become a Believer." -- Bob Burden (from his website)

Well, who am I to argue with Bob Burden? Here's where I shut the heck up -- for the most part, anyway -- and let a series of Flaming Carrot Comics covers (from various publishers, starting in 1984) take over!

You'll only get this joke if you listen to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

No other superhero says "UT!"

This issue (and the next, pictured below) introduced
the Mystery Men, later developed into a film in 1999!

Now, before I conclude today's post...

If you're undecided about what to dress up as this Halloween -- or any other day of the year -- you, too, can be a Flaming Carrot!

*  *  *  *  *
Thanks for your time.


  1. Neat-O, Keen-O! lol....

    Seriously, that is just bizarre. But I can't stop giggling while looking at him!

  2. ooops...back again to subscribe to comments. :)

  3. dude i seriously need to get me one of those costumes...the flaming carrot is a riot...i once called in a marker from a friend who paid me in a box of old comic books...i do believe i own a few...

  4. Brian, if you EVER make a Flaming Carrot costume for yourself, PLEASE sent me some photos!

  5. haha still can't believe a flaming carrot man made it so far. That's awesome how they show to built it step by step and yeah Mystery Men wasn't that good of a movie if I recall correctly.

  6. The Mystery Men movie had some good points, but I was a little disappointed, overall. I never cared that much for the characters in the Flaming Carrot's comic, either, actually... but I LOVE the Carrot!

  7. Come on my friend, confess - you have made all that up haven't you? You must have. Surely?

  8. Okay, Alan, you caught me. The hardest part was drawing all those fake covers, and posing for the photos.

    "And don't call me Shirley!"

  9. P.S. -- The movie poster was really hard to fake, too...


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