Monday, August 1, 2011

Tune In Tomorrow...

Tomorrow's post will be the second in my new Comical Wednesday series. It'll post at one minute after midnight tonight, as a matter of fact.

Tomorrow, of course, is Tuesday.

Yeah? So? What's your point?

I'm posting it a day early because:

1. It's done.
2. I feel like it.
3. I can.

That is all.

See you tomorrow. Thanks for your time.


  1. i appreciate you thinking of me enough to post a post to tell me when you are going to post...i feel special now...smiles.

  2. @Brian: Well, I certainly appreciate the appreciative comment you posted to tell me of your appreciation for my post about my upcoming post! I only hope you appreciate the post I posted about in my post half as much, when I post it!

  3. All I'm getting is a blurry image...what station to I need to tune in's more static now...I'm drop..g o.t

  4. @Pat: *sigh* It hasn't been the same since they all went digital, has it?


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