Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Place-Filler of Sorts

Hey, fellow babies, just an FYI or two or 47, complete with some teasers... Admittedly, this post won't be too interesting -- so I'll try to keep it brief -- but so it goes.

Ever since "Epiphany," my infamous "It's Only an Effin' Blog" post, my attitude toward blogging and the internet in general has been much more laid back and relaxed. And if you know anything about my personal life beyond my various blog personas, you know that's a good thing.

There are a lot of subjects about which I plan to write about sometime soon, but although the ideas are coming at a fast and furious pace -- Hey, "Fast and Furious!" Wouldn't that make a great title for a movie? -- there's been an odd feeling of apathy when it comes to actually writing them all down. It's not a case of "Writer's Block," I hasten to add, more a feeling of no "pressure" where anything is concerned.

I still plan to write Part Two of "The Elusive Grammy Josephine" for Sepia Saturday, and soon. Part One was very well received. I've been very busy lately, and my family history research has been somewhat curtailed -- emails to family members have been largely unanswered, so when time permits, I'll be resorting to that archaic "telephone" thing to contact relatives -- but I hope to do some catching up ASAP.

Ever since my tribute to actor Peter Graves, other celebrities -- and one friend -- have been "leaving" us with an alarming frequency. Sooner or later I'll be posting about them en masse, as it were, with special attention to only a handful of the recent roll call.

I've also been very nostalgic for a lot of the comic books I read in my childhood and young adulthood, so those of you who like posts about that subject may like the stuff I'll probably be sending your way now and then.

I have been writing for Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview, the blog I share with my writing partner, Skip Simpson, but even those posts don't have the urgency, time-wise, that they once did. (Which is strange, as the "Pleasantview" storyline is "buld[ing] to a fever pitch," as I say in my sidebar.) But I must admit, even 'though I'm my own worst critic, I was very pleased with the most recent post, which I wrote all by my li'l ol' self.

As for my two-part take-off on Skip Simpson's writing style -- Part One is here -- I'll probably put up Part Two sooner or later, if anybody ever asks to see the damned thing.

Now, as for Skip Simpson himself, there is something I wanted to finally get around to, and that's to guide you to the relatively new blog by his "favorite ex-wife," Sandy. It's called The Paper Sack, and when Skip recently re-established contact with Sandy, and urged her to start her own blog, I was a tad... nervous. I was hoping I'd be able to recommend it, but frankly, at that time I only knew her by what Skip had told me about her, and... well... what if her blog -- *gulp* -- sucked? Some of the nicest people I know -- and Sandy's exceptionally nice, I can honestly say -- aren't effective writers.

Well, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I read her very first post! It was quite well-written, and once I encountered the word "etymological," I fell in love with her immediately. Check it out!

As for Skip himself, he's been kind of a let-down lately. He and Sandy have rekindled their earlier relationship, and he's gone a bit "goo-goo" on me. Okay, okay, I'm kidding about the "let-down" part! But if you follow his blog and/or Sandy's -- and again, I recommend both -- you know what I mean. I'm actually quite happy for both of them.

So, fellow babies, there's your update!

Now. Should I change my customary "Thanks for your time" closing to "See you when I see you?"

P.S. -- Happy Birthday, Herman Raucher! More on that in a day or two... probably.


  1. all in your own time david...
    have a wonderful day.
    you can talk about comic books any day...smiles.

  2. Thanks, Brian. I know I can always count on you to back me up when I blog about comics!

  3. Great post. Read your Epiphany post and really liked it. Totally understand what you're going through. AND found The Paper Sack blog and you're right, great writing!

  4. Thanks for the update. Mind you, I never believed in your "epiphany", I reckon you just took on another persona. Are you by any chance Poetikat? Or here's a thought : are you Sandy?

  5. You know we'll come and read whenever you post...no pressure there! :)

  6. Ha! I'm hanging around. Etymological! Epistemological! Goshain'tIjustlogical! :waving atcha: And...I gotchyerback.

  7. @Kate: Glad you liked both my "Epiphany" post, and Sandy's blog!

    @Alan: Drat! You finally figured out the real reason I'm always pressed for time: All my different aliases have given me 47 blogs to write! (In fact, are you sure I'm not writing your blogs, too?)

    @Betsy: Well, a little pressure can be a good thing... depending on where and how it's applied.

    @AngelMay: "Etymological! Epistemological! Goshain'tIjustlogical!" Hmmm. Lookin' for love? Hey, you got me well before I gave you The Silver Fox's Thrust Home Award. And in case Roy -- another "Thrust Home" winner -- reads that remark... Don't get your hopes up, pal! ;-)

  8. Oh great, an update that tells me I have to read more blogs...


  9. Thanks for the 411. I think laid back is good in the blogging world as well as others. So many bloggers, who were once quite ferocious, have burned out and quit.

    I'm with Brian about the comics.

  10. When you say "fellow babies" are you channeling Venus Flytrap?

    Have I asked this before?

  11. @Cali Girl: Right show, but wasn't that a Johnny Fever line?

  12. DOH! (dope slap) Of course it was Johnny Fever. I LOVED that show. Got to go to the wrap show & party the year before it ended. I was mostly excited to just see the show taped but the players were fun. I had seen Howard Hesseman perform when he was with an ensemble group, The Committee, so I was already a fan. They were all so good. Jan Smithers (Bailey) went to my high school, two years ahead. She was one of the most beautiful girls there. Had a sister who was tragically killed in a car accident during that time. I think she had James Brolin's baby but they never married. I loved the show because I was already working in radio and it was "true to life, so true to life". (The Way We Were)which kinda circles around and picks up the whole Jan Smithers/James Broline/Barbra Streisand thread... Yeah, I'm all over the place today.

  13. @Cali Girl: In my childhood and young adulthood, I used to see The Committee (and the Ace Trucking Company, a similar group) on various TV shows. Years later, in the '90s, I got hold of a VHS tape of The Committee. Watching it, I suddenly recognized Hesseman. I searched the video's box credits, and the credits at the end of the tape itself, and finally figured out that he was using the stage name of "Don Sturdy" back then!


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