Thursday, November 26, 2009

David'Z RantZ: Blogga, PLEASE!

Short post, equally-short intro...

The following post appeared in shorter forms as 1. part of an introduction to one of my recent posts, and 2. as a comment on -- IIRC -- the Theme Thursday blog at some point. I'm making it an official post in hopes that more people will read it, and take my admittedly unasked-for and possibly intrusive "advice."

In the meantime, those of you who are wondering where the f... I mean, where the heck my fourth chapter of "Old Home Week" is, its lateness is a combination of all the crap going on in my personal life right now and the fact that I'm just not satisfied with Chapter Four yet, as it now stands! Shame, really, as Chapter Five is fleshed out quite nicely in this ol' Silver Noggin.

But... such is life in The Lair of the Silver Fox.

Here's the "offical" post for today, fellow babies:

* * * * *

I have a quick plea for all of other Blogger-bloggers whose sites I frequent -- and I do read your stuff whenever time permits, although time too often has not allowed my usual prolific, wordy comments -- especially the Theme Thursday folks:

If your blog has a music playlist of some kind -- as mine does -- pleasepleaseplease set it so it won't play automatically? (You should very easily be able to set it this way!)

I often open multiple tabs at a time, and sometimes, one -- or worse, more than one -- of the sites I'm visiting has a song playing... usually while I'm trying to watch or listen to something else... and, as I said, your stuff is also playing... and I don't know which of the other tabs is (or are) playing its playlist (or their playlists)... and... and...


Get the picture? Please change your settings, just for the sake of me and whatever is arguably left of my sanity?

Thanks for your time... and your cooperation, if I've swayed you.


  1. You can always call in at News From Nowhere .... silence is guaranteed (it is so I can send people to sleep easier)

  2. I hear ya, Foxy! I don't open Theme Thursday posts in multiple tabs, but I do have to wait while a page with music set to play on open takes forever to load, and being blared at from out of nowhere is annoying, to say the least (you readin' this, Subby?). And it's really annoying when they put that playlist thingy at the bottom of the page so that you have to scroll down forever on a page already slowed down by the playlist just to turn the freakin' thing off. So I'm with you all the way on this one.

    And happy Thanksgiving, grouchy!

  3. ha. good luck with that silver! smiles. i do try to keep it rather simple...hope you and your family have ana amazing thanksgiving!

  4. I love the sound of silence. Always have. The things I have the most trouble with are blogs that show too many posts on a page at one time -- especially when there are lots of photos (and large photos, to boot). My poor computer bogs down so badly trying to load the webpage that sometimes I just give up. I think I have my own blog set to only show a maximum of 5 posts on the page. I'm hoping that makes it quick to load for my bloggy friends since I love for them to visit me.

  5. Geesh....feel better now? ha-ha!

    I totally agree with the music thing...I hate music on blogs and immediately hit my 'mute' when it starts.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Fox...I'm thankful I found your blog this year! :) (still have that cape, btw!) hee!

  6. Yes I do agree with you but then I keep the mute on. "One man's poison and all that"

    "Happy Thanksgiving To You"

    Oh yes and btw I just got published! ( I'm proud, so sorry for the showing off )

  7. @Alan: I rarely comment on your blog (or anyone else's lately, due to time constraints), but I never find it boring.

    @Roy: Oh, good, so it's not just me.

    @Brian: Yeah, I know. "Good luck" indeed.

    @AngelMay: You make a good point about all the photos, videos, etc. I just edited the settings for the Simpson/Lynch blog for that reason, as a matter of fact. While it was getting established, we supplied readers with all of the posts. But not now.

    @Betsy: Oh, that's right... You weren't around when "David'Z RantZ" was my primary blog. My Silver Fox blog generally has a different tone. Glad we "found" each other this year, too. I've made a ton of new friends since moving my old RantZ blog from Diaryland to Blogger in February of 2008.

    @Susie: Don't apologize! That's great! The book looks really impressive, btw. I threw a little plug for your book onto my sidebar, by the way.

  8. Ah you!Sorry but no I won't accept that request..:P

  9. No playlist on mine either, just the odd You Tube video. I don't mind them too much even if some bloggers do have dubious musical taste!

  10. Oh annoying when folks set stuff to play automatically.

    Though not only do I keep my computers set to "mute," I also rarely play YouTubes/audio on blogs. I'm odd that way.

    And many other ways, yes.


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