Thursday, November 5, 2009

Castle Dracula -- A "Theme Thursday" Post by a Special Guest Blogger!

Hi! Orson the Cat, here! This blog's usual writer, David M. Lynch, a/k/a The Foxster Silver Fox, has been really busy writin' a multi-part story on this blog, and feudin' with his former writin' partner, Skip Simpson, on their Simpson/Lynch Studios blog. So he allowed me to write today's Theme Thursday post.

I was glad he finally let me write somethin' on this blog. I ain't got any airtime since this post, and this one, and this one on his old "David'Z RantZ" blog.

And the good part for you is that I'm nowhere near as long-winded as The Silver Fox is!

I was originally gonna post about the castle in Citizen Kane, since I was named after the great Orson Welles himself, but while doin' a Google image search, I found the followin' photo of a cat that looks a lot like me, and it inspired me.

So today, fellow kitties, I'm gonna leave you with some informational Tender Chunks about Castle Dracula!

You probably know that Bram Stoker's fictional Dracula character was inspired by a real guy nicknamed Vlad the Impaler. But did you know that there are not one, but at least three castles which lay claim to being the "real" Castle Dracula?

This is, like, the #1 tourist trap in Romania, known as Bran Castle.

The there's this one, properly known as The Hunyad Castle (Castelul Huniazilor or Castelul Corvineştilor in Romanian).
But it's the Poenari Castle, also known as Poenari Citadel (Cetatea Poenari in Romanian), which seems to have the most authentic claim to fame as far as how much time ol' Vlad actually spent here.

If you want to see more great shots of Poenari Castle, click here.

And for more info on Castle Dracula, you can start here, if you wanna take the time. Me, I gotta go use the litter box!

So... Thanks for your Friskies!

(Now, who the heck is that knocking on the door at this ungodly hour? Better go see...)


  1. C'mere kitty kitty kitty....

  2. What an enjoyable post. You should make a bid to get more writing time on the blog. Beats catching mice any day. Happy TT to you and your keeper

  3. You certainly are an excellent typist! I'm impressed. He should let you out of the box more often, Kitster.

  4. perhaps the cat should be given equal

  5. Kitty, you're giving the Foxster a run for his money!

    I just watched an interesting documentary on old Vlad the Impaler.

  6. Good evening! Enter freely, and of your own will.

    The trouble with those castles is you're liable not to ever exit them!

  7. Makes me want to read more about Vlad, as I just watched Coppola's Dracula the other night. Fascinating stuff.

  8. Anybody who likes cats is OK by me. Of course, you were already OK by me... but this just ices the cake. PS - I like Skip, too. Now kiss and make up!

  9. bravo special guest blogger.... you most certainly on on the cutting edge of things with your post about vlad

    do you know if your bud the silver fox has read the novel the historian by elizabeth kostova, novel and different approach to the vlad myth! and lots of castles

  10. So the fox finally let the cat out of the bag? I'd struggle with all those steps!

  11. Orson!
    I thought that was really you in the pinball machine. Your cool factor had gone up.

  12. Thanks for all your comments, with my well-deserved praise! (Kitty treats given in tribute are appreciated, of course, but to me, "kitty treats" usually means sizable scraps from a rotisserie-cooked chicken! Just sayin'.)

    Those of you who wondered why my "special guest post" ended so strangely should read here, if you haven't already!

    But don't worry, I'm safe. And well-fed, even. Well, not well-fed enough, but that's normal for me anyway. Food is my life. At least, ever since that traumatic "fixing" thing. I still have nightmares... but I digress.

    @Alan: Mice? Gross. I prefer stuff straight from the microwave. Anytime David -- or am I supposed to call him the Silver Hulkster now? -- cooks something, I ignore my food dish and head straight for whatever the greedy poop is making for himself.

    @Ronda: Thanks. So, now I'm the Kitster? Hm. I kinda like it.

    @Brian: Hey, I know you! Big-time family man. Very admirable, unlike David, although he's probably started a family or three doing all his tomcatting around... but let's not go there. Anyway, equal time? I like the way you think.

    @Willow: Ooooh, don't let him "hear" you calling him Foxster!

    @Roy: Hey, I know you, too! You're the Blogger-blogger David calls "one of the few people I bow down to when it comes to his knowledge of music, music trivia, and music history!" Yup, he really says all of that. Long-winded cuss, ain't he?

    As far as castles go, I'd stay away from the spooky parts and head right for the kitchen or dining room.

    @Kate: They say that pets resemble their owners. (I hate the term "owners." I prefer "roommates.") Do you have a female cat that resembles your cute little profile icon?

    @AngelMay: The thought of David and Skip kissing makes me wanna cough up a furball.

    @Mouse (or do you prefer Kimy?): I don't think I've ever seen that book lying around here anywhere.

    @Baino: That was very clever... but after what I just went through on my way to Alabama, I don't wanna think about being stuffed in a bag.

    @Candie: Oooh, you're that hottie from France that David talks about so much, aren't you? Mind if I sleep at the foot of your bed sometime? If yes, "Merci" in advance.

    @Ishat: Hey, long time, no see! That may not have been me in that pinball machine, but I'm still cool! They didn't invent the phrase "cool cat" for nothing!

    CRAP. Gotta go. Here comes Kato, that nutjob friend of Skip's... and he's wearing a bib!

  13. ORSON!!!!!!!!!

    (I've been looking for a reason to use multiple exclamation marks.)

  14. Cool cat and a fun fact about your name. The castle in Citizen Kane never occurred to me or I might have written about it and Heart's Castle.

  15. Wow that dracula sure knew how to party lol I mean...three castles?


  16. @Cake: WHAT DO YOU WANT???

    @California Girl: I almost did write about Kane's castle and Hearst Castle -- and the Foxster probably would have, too, had he been around to write the post -- but such was not to be, alas. (Don'tcha love it when I sound all classical, and stuff?)

    @Marianna: "xoxo?" Those hugs and kisses are for me and not ol' Foxster, I hope! (Sorry, I'm a furry little flirt!)

  17. Meeoooowww. Black and a cat. You put the cool in cat. Having known your human for a number of years, I would guess you were his alter ego. Have a purrrrfectly wonderful week.

  18. lol Ah, a kitty with a knack for history. That's my favorite kind of kitty. :)


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