Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dave Garroway: You Learn Something New Every Day (Almost)!

This post originally appeared on my now-deleted blog, You Learn Something New Every Day (Almost)!

Dave Garroway (1913-1982), was a TV pioneer, the first host of NBC's Today Show. He left that show in 1961, after having begun it in 1952.

I first heard of Dave Garroway in 1969, when he began a short-lived program called Tempo Boston on one of "my" Boston channels, WNAC-TV.

In 1982, years after having learned more about Garroway in particular, and much more about TV history in general, I was saddened when I heard that he'd died.

But it was only in the wee hours of this morning that I learned that his death was a suicide, no doubt prompted by his endless battles with depression and mental instability.

What a shame. Now I'm depressed.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. Yes it's sad.They are all leaving.Time flies away.In France too we have lost some important figures.But somehow they will leave forever for what they were and what they did.Don't be sad,I'm sendin you a virtual hug and smile.See that smile :)


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