Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cute Kid, Eh?

Sometimes I leave a comment on someone else's blog that makes me wish I'd "saved" it for my own blog. Here is one such example, edited only slightly:

By the time I was about six or seven, I had been told the "If you eat the watermelon seeds one will grow in your stomach" lie by well-meaning adults.

Sometime at about that age, I saw a pregnant woman, my "first." She didn't look "fat" to me; it was only her stomach that was outsized.

I walked right up to her, pointed directly at her belly, and loudly exclaimed "I know what you've been doing!"

Thanks for your time. (And sometime soon, probably tomorrow... Walter Cronkite, R.I.P.)


  1. ha. that was awesome! i bet she had such a heart flutter! shock! too much.

  2. S.F. remind me to tell you the one about....oh never mind, I'll tell ya to-morrow! HA!

  3. More then chuckling.

    After 40 years in retail do I ever have the stories I could tell of what kids can say.

    But, think I will save them for my own blog.

    Thanks for giving me a new topic, Thanks also for the visit.

  4. bet that gave her a contraction! Laugh out loud funny, all spelled out!

  5. What a great story. She must have thought you were quite advanced for your age.

  6. Great memory...
    I do remember that issue and all the eyebrows it raised. -Jayne

  7. That's better than the time I asked a pregnant looking woman when was she due? She gave me a harsh look and said she wasn't pregnant.

  8. @Cali Girl: That has happened a few times that I'm aware of. Oops.


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