Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Return of "The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award"

Award drawn and "donated" by Skip Simpson,
based on a poster he found on the internet.

It's been quite a while -- over a year, actually -- since I've done one of these.

But first, the obligatory reminder as to what "The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award!" is all about:

Bloggers like to give each other awards. One of the drawbacks to these awards is that they're usually given with a set of conditions. Quite often, one of these conditions is that the awardee must "pass on" the award to a pre-ordained number of other bloggers, which has the unfortunate effect of turning the award itself into more of an internet chain letter than a true honor.

In response to this, I created my own blasted award.

One of my all-time favorite stories is Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano constantly used the expression "Thrust home!" when fatally piercing an opponent during a sword fight. I've appropriated that phrase for... "The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award! -- Given to the Author of a Single Outstanding Blog Post."

And my rules for the award -- and the rules for its recipients -- are:

  • This award will be given by me, and no one else, and generally to only one recipient at a time.
  • I'll only give the award to those whose posts have truly "thrust home" with me, so even my best friends on the 'net might never get one.
  • The award will usually go to a post of what I deem to be of general import and interest, but that may be fudged once in a while to reflect my own biases. (My award, my stupid rules. Deal with it.)
  • There will be no set frequency for the giving of the award.
  • Theoretically, a recipient of "The Silver Fox's THRUST HOME Award!" may win once, twice... or 47 times! This is an award for individual blog posts, not for blogs!
  • Recipients would be asked to mention their receipt of said award on their own sites, along with a corresponding link to my own. And a little blurb on your sidebar -- feel free to copy and paste the graphic, of course! -- would be greatly appreciated.
  • Winners are not allowed to give this award to others.
  • Other than that, awardees are not asked to do anything else. You've already done it!
The latest recipient is (Clicking on the blog's bold-faced title will bring you to its latest post, while, as you've probably surmised, clicking on the title of the "winning" post will bring you to that post itself.):

1. Tino's Teasings, "For the Love of Daddy," October 17, 2011

This was my very first visit to this blog, which I found due to Tino's participation in the same dVerse Poets Pub prompt ("Taboo") which inspired my last entry. I'm not going to tell you anything about this chilling post beforehand. Just... read it. Congratulations, Tino!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Can the award be shown on a feed after midnight? Can I place it in bright light? What if it's on my screen and the screen gets wet, will in multiply?..hahaha

    That was a chilling piece indeed though.

  2. @Pat: If the screen gets wet, it will ruin Cyrano's white plume, and he'll come looking for you.

  3. You point to a raw write. Very well deserving of such a coveted and rare prize. Still have the readers go now to bare witness...This prize does not come easy.

  4. WOW! I think ;-)

    Thanks for highlighting my effort, that is greatly appreciated and very kind of you.

  5. @Tasha: Agreed!

    @Tino: Well, you earned it. And yes, this is a "real" award, not one of those "Forward this to 47 other bloggers!" things

  6. woo hoo way to go tino...well deserved for sure!!!

  7. @Brian: So says one of the other 4 winners to date! :)

  8. Well, congratulations, Tino! You are among the elect few now! :) I'll have to go check out this post....

  9. Good to see your return my friend : Blogland is duller and less inventive without you. Off to catch up with your nominated blog-post now.


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