Sunday, October 30, 2011

A BEVY OF CAPES, for Halloween

Before I do anything else, I want to commemorate the 125th "birthday" of The Statue of Liberty by posting this photograph of its sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, shown here using his cell phone!

And now...

Today, fellow babies, in honor of Halloween, I'm posting a poem about some of the adults that like to "play dress-up." And since I often talk about Zorro, as well as other caped heroes... here's a love poem I call...


There've been a lot of Zorros,
Many actors who have played the role,
With capes of varying length.

These cloaks provide a bit of flash,
Or concealment,
Or in some cases,
Even a sort of majestic flair.

Mine provides all of that,
And then some.

It gives warmth
And protection from the elements,
And the symbol of my longing to provide
A cocoon...
Or other enclosure...
Even a world separate from all others...
And all of that
For only myself and my lady fair.

Worn by any other,
These capes are just an accessory,
An afterthought to an adventurer's costume.

In the end,
Just a piece of fabric...

But not mine.

Longer capes there may indeed be.

Warmer capes, too, perhaps.

Capes of thicker fabric
Or more costly material
There may be as well.

Mine, however,
Exemplifies the heart within
The man
Who dons the costume.

A heart that's pure,
And true,
And loyal,
A heart that beats solely for milady.

No other can compare,
Nor compete!

No other heart,
No other love,
No other lady.

*  *  *  *  *

Any Freudian symbolism is all in your mind, by the way.

Thanks for your time.


  1. um its not the size of the cape, but who you have underneath it?

  2. @California Girl: Uhhh, gee... Do you have to pair Brian and myself up like that, haha?

  3. Lovely! Stay warm in your cape this winter Zorro.


  4. @LOLA: Well, hopefully the warmth can be shared.

  5. You know, with the right cape, you can build a supreme fortress of protection right in your living room! And never mind where my mind's my mind after all. ;)All joking aside...I did enjoy the poem.

  6. So, you leave us in suspense-- who's cape is she holding up then?!

  7. @MMm: Well, I'm sure the lady's no fool... and if she read the poem, I hope she had the good taste to choose the cape that belongs to the poem's speaker!

  8. Ah, I could have sworn Bartholdi was holding his iPad! ha.

  9. @Betsy: I'm just glad he was holding something I could show on my PG-rated site!

    So, you're the first one who mentioned Bartholdi... Didn't care for the poem?

  10. Love Zorro, and love the poem! absolutely nice! gloria

  11. hmmm what if I don't want to see underneath it? Would that make it Cape Fear? See worked halloween right in. In a different way..haha

  12. @Pat: Cape Fear? Oh, yeah! Loved both versions!

  13. you are so quiet Silver, have a nice day I go to my Mom house today! gloria

  14. @Gloria: I always had an affinity for Zorro, even before anyone ever called me Silver Fox.

  15. I think you are Silver Fox! gloria

  16. Hey! How old is Gloria? Are you robbing the cradle here Foxy?

  17. @Gloria: Awww.

    @California Girl: I wouldn't ask a lady her age. But at my age, almost everyone is a younger woman!

  18. I have the same age of Betsy, dont have porblem with this! LOL

  19. I snowing there, I heard in some places of USA were snowing, so nice, here is really hot, about 30° here the spring is really hot sometimes, well we can talk about the wather! x gloria

  20. mm I m talking alone! see you, gloria

  21. @Gloria: "Plop?" Errrr....

    Wow, you're Betsy's age? Neither of you looks your age! Looks like Pat was right about that Fountain of Youth!

  22. @Gloria: Sorry, even I don't spend all my time on the PC!

  23. agggg ! you! Really I dont think you are all the time in the PC, only... almost!
    Plop is from here like Wow! or OMG! etc.etc.

    You make me laugh!

  24. @Gloria: In the USA, "plop" is usually the sound you hear when you fall down, or when you drop something.

    I guess those would both make sense in a few cases:

    "Wow! (or Plop!) I just fell down. I really must be drunk!


    "OMG! (or Plop!) I just dropped my grandmother's favorite vase!"

  25. he,he, sometimes you know we said Others things, but plop is Ok,
    I said OMG too!Sorry sometimes I not speak so well , you know English is my second languaje, my first is Spanish, and sometimes (I know) I talk spanishenglish mix, gloria

  26. @Gloria: Not to worry. I know English is your second language, otherwise I'd be climbing all over you in Grammar Nazi mode!

  27. grammar nazi??? German is a crazy language I think.
    I love french !

  28. @Gloria: A "Grammar Nazi" is what you call someone who is always correcting someone else's speech or writing. I write occasional posts about what people are doing "incorrectly." I also do it once in a while on other people's blogs (like Pat's, haha) just to tease, because we all make mistakes or typographical errors. "You wrote loose when you should have written lose," and the like! So I have that title. Whenever you see Pat refer to the Grammar Nazi, he means me! :)

  29. Thanks by explain me I dont have idea of course.Is not only speak the language (I know english many years) but all country have you know these special words or quotes.
    I read a lot en English and is not a problem but is not the same talk with different people.


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