Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, Baby!

Awww, what a cute little baby!

Don't you agree?


Little creep is more like it.

Sure, he looked all sweet and innocent then...

...but a little over fifty years later...

...when the "cute little baby" was -- naturally -- fifty years old...

...the bastard started something known as...

World War II!

This post, published on the 70th anniversary of the start of the Second World War, is in tribute to those whom Tom Brokaw has called "The Greatest Generation," both here and abroad.

Thanks for your time.


  1. I raise my glass to The Greatest Generation, to their valor and service. My sincere gratitude.

    (and I spit on the images of the nasty bastard)

  2. No, no, Willow... He wasn't a nasty bastard, he was a Nazi bastard!


  3. i will raise the glass as well...thank you...

  4. Good post, Foxy.

    I can't believe it's already September...

  5. I'm absolutely ecstatic that September has arrived. August seemed interminable!

  6. Wow! The weirdest part, is when that picture popped up on my screen, I knew EXACTLY who that was! Maybe I've been watching the History Channel too much!

  7. I know he was a Nazi bastard but his baby photo shows that, hopefully, he wasn't always one. Wow! You never know who is going to grow up to become what do you?

  8. Amazing how one can go from cute, to the ugliest human ever!

  9. what began with innocence, grew into possibly the gravest evil the world has ever seen.. we must all be heald accountable for our own actions. within each one of us is the capacity to do good and to do evil.nick

  10. Somehow,I have found that baby a hint creepy before discovering that it was that monster.I might have seen it in a docummentary too.

  11. Spot on, SF! All my brothers and sisters, past, present and future have my life-long thanks!

  12. Hi! Silver Fox,
    I'am ashamed...because when I first saw the baby picture of Hitler, I thought...ahhh!...then when I clicked on your blog title...I was shocked and sick...and I agree with all the TT members, comments here on your blog.
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  13. I agree with Candie, I thought there was something odd about the baby before I knew who it was. My heart goes out to the victims of that evil man.

  14. Of course, there are those age-old questions that arise. If you could go back 120 years and be alone in a room with that baby, what would you do? Would you take advantage of his defenseless state, and kill him, knowing that you'd saved millions of lives by doing so? Or would you say "He's just an innocent baby now! I'd rather wait until..." When? When he was fully enveloped in his evil machinations, surrounded by guards, so you'd never get at him. When would it be "okay" to kill him, if at all? At five? At fifteen? Maybe if you could instead spirit the child away and raise him to be a better person? Or would his evil be instilled within him at birth, or before?

    Food for thought, eh, fellow babies?

  15. SF, something for dessert: what if he never read Nietzsche? Or was never incarcerated...or elected? 'Tis interesting to speculate and ponder the "what ifs" of life, innit?

    Just like "what if" Truman never gave the order to drop the Bomb?( which was declassified a few years ago, btw..horrifying to read )

  16. GGs are passing on rapidly.

    I heard the last WWI soldier died a few wks ago in Britain.

    How did we get into wars w/ Germany twice in forty years?

    P.S. that's rhetorical


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