Thursday, March 17, 2016

Oh, Why Not? (A One-Day-Late Comical Wednesday Post)

I rarely do holiday posts, but I'm gonna break that semi-rule today to share something with you.

You probably know that Lucky the Leprechaun is the cartoon mascot for General Mills' Lucky Charms cereal. But did you know that he was briefly dethroned by a character known as Waldo the Wizard?

That's right, way back in 1975, the General Mills company tested a new mascot, a wimpy wizard named Waldo, who only shipped to the New England area.

Unfortunately for me, my eighteen-year-old self worked in a New England grocery store. I was therefore (figuratively) slapped in the face by the new packaging. Being somewhere between one-quarter and one-half Irish, I was furious that the leprechaun was gone.

I wish I could say that I started a movement that resulted in Waldo's demise, but I can"t. (And if someone else started one, that's something I don't know. However, it wasn't long before General Mills saw the error of their ways anyway and returned Lucky to their cereal box covers and advertising.

Happy ending, you could say.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Another very obvious reminder of the fact that those running large businesses are not always the sharpest tools in the shed. Waldo the Wizard? Really? BY the way, was this what started "Where's Waldo?"

  2. Never knew that. Good that Waldo went to hide with the stripped Waldo guy.

  3. What... a wimpy wizard named Waldo? Good thing they got rid of him. I bet some 'manager' thought a wimpy wizard named Waldo would be cool.

    1. While offending thin-skinned Irishmen like myself...

  4. I bet someone's butt got kicked to the curb for that error in Judgement. I kind of like the vomiting leprechaun.

    1. Me, too. Crude and cute at the same time.


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