Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Short and Sweet ~~ A "Comical Wednesday" Quickie!

Here's the wind-up...

Looks like a home run to me!

Both illustrations by the incredible Mac Raboy (1914-1967), for two different comic companies!

And here's an extra Raboy cover, just 'cause I can! (See why this guy is one of my all-time favorite comic artists?)

So, what would you like to see in my Comical Wednesday posts?

Thanks for your time.


  1. The first one looks to be surfing on the planet haha they are all well done indeed.

  2. I love comical wednesday David :)

  3. Wonderful covers! I'm afraid I can't make any requests, as what I know about comics could be written on a postage stamp. :)

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  4. These are great! "Swat the swastika," indeed.

  5. Like Lynda, I really liked the Captain Marvel, Jr. cover. He was a great artist, wasn't he?

  6. The illustrations are quite good! I like the Captain Marvel and the Swastika one the best. Not sure why anyone would name a hero "green Lama"?! At least they were out for justice for America at a time when she really needed it!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. The Green Lama studied Buddhism in Tibet.

  7. These are great and I had no idea there was a Green Lama. I bet there must be a ton of comics where they kill the Nazis or ride to victory with the allies


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